Waste-to-Value Mapping


The Waste-to-Value Mapping team is building a real-time connected platform that tracks waste flow with the aim of optimal utilization and revitalization of plastics. Our end goal is to exclusively use revitalized plastics within our project teams, resulting in resource circularity.


  1. Determine viable waste streams to be upcycled

2. Assess lab’s waste capacity and processing rate, using time studies of machinery designed for different waste types

3. Code linear approximation models using VBA for waste stream optimization

4. Link model to inventory management system for real time pre and post processed plastic inventory


1. Develop procedures for each waste stream revitalization

2. Incorporate system with current WasteNauts projects

3. With increasing time, the model increases in accuracy of processing times

4. Send out model (with supporting documentation) to external stakeholders, allowing plastic waste revitalization and an in-depth understanding of waste generation across multiple organizations