What We Do


Less than 11% of plastics are recycled in Canada, and most plastics are created to be single-use (1). We are trying to optimize recycling and discover new materials solutions through research, lab testing, and if feasible, pilot-scale initiatives.

Check out our relevant projects:
Recycled Composite Paddle Board, Textile Waste Recycling, Recycled Plastic Clipboard

Sustainable Ceramics

Concrete is the world's second most consumed material (2). This industry is also one of the main producers of carbon dioxide (3). We aim to use waste from other industrial streams to replace some components of concrete by combining engineering and circular economy principles.

Check out our relevant projects:
Tailings To Concrete, Papercrete Bench/Stool

Additive Manufacturing

Through CAD designs for our materials solutions, sustainable filament research, and safe disposal research, we believe additive manufacturing will aid us in reducing waste by improving circularity.

Waste to Value Mapping

We find waste streams within our society (e.g. in Vancouver, or within UBC) and map out comprehensive plans to obtain functional resources with them. This stream focuses heavily on stakeholder interaction, life cycle assessments, materials flow analyses and other quantitative assessment tools.


Bio-composites and bio-plastics are topics that we are keen to explore. With today's advancing technology, we believe biomaterials play a key role in solving our non-degradable waste problems.


Have a brilliant idea? We'd love to hear it for our next design cycle!