Tailings To Concrete

Project Lead:
Yosi Kohen Kutucu


This project aims to produce high quality composite concrete from mine tailings which mainly contain metals. As a result, metals will be trapped in the composite concrete material and will not dissolve in nature. Like the well known pre concrete mix materials, different techniques and proportions will be tried during the research procedure. Also, conventional concrete is an expensive material. For the concrete production lots of high quality mineral rich soil is being used. If we can use mine tailings as a concrete base material, we can decrease the production cost of concrete and stop usage of proper mineral rich soil.

Our main goal is to produce cheaper, stronger and more sustainable concrete. Unlike the conventional concrete producers, we want to use mine waste with metal content in it as a base material to produce high quality concrete.

Our mission is to change the production cycle of the most used composite material in the world, which is concrete.


If you’re passionate about recycling or sustainable engineering and want to improve your civil-mining-materials engineering skills, check out our position openings for Tailings To Concrete!