Recycled Composite Paddle Board

Project Lead:
Raeiti Azarkeyvan


The goal of this project is to make a paddle board made out of recycled materials. This project encompasses the idea of a circular economy and raises awareness towards resource management which is a necessary part of a material’s life cycle. While paddle boarding is a great way to spend time on the water and appreciate the nature that surrounds us, paddle boards often have very negative environmental impacts due to the expanded polystyrene (the foam inside the board) that they are made of. In this project, we will be using materials that aren't typically recycled due to inefficient recycled processes (such as plastic and aluminum cans) to build the board in order to reuse the waste around us.


If you're interested in completing material research and learning how to use AutoCAD in order to build a paddle board made from recycled materials, this team is perfect for you! On this team, we will be doing all of that and so much more. This project values sustainability and reuses materials to build a fully functioning paddle board. All individuals regardless of their year of study and faculty are welcome to apply, all we ask is that you are open to learning and work hard!