Hybrid Energy Harvesting Systems

Project Lead:
Vishal Vichare


With the increased usage of IoT devices around the world, energy requirements have been on a constant rise and Energy Harvesting can build towards an effective solution as a replacement to chemical batteries. In this project, we will be exploring in-depth 4 different energy harvesting mechanisms: the piezoelectric, pyroelectric, thermoelectric and triboelectric effects, to design and create wearable and applicable energy harvesting systems.

Our aim as a sub-team is to successfully bring one of the fastest rising sustainable technologies to UBC via introducing the use of small energy harvesting devices in students’ daily lives.


Being an inter-disciplinary project, we would love to have self-motivated and passionate individuals of any faculty or year, who are willing to learn more about and research Sustainable Energy Harvesting mechanisms while simultaneously using their technical skills and experience towards a positive design cycle of such devices. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please apply - we would love to hear from you!