WAste as a resource.

We are an innovative and interdisciplinary team 

working towards a zero-waste future.

DEC 1st P&A MeetinG at UBC Alumni Centre


To create a zero-waste future, ensuring a circular economy

We, at UBC WasteNauts Engineering Design Team, believe in recognizing and nurturing the potential of positive change-makers of tomorrow. We do this in two ways - technical and holistic development. Our sub-teams take stakeholder collaboration to the next level from Day-0 and only work towards projects with a tangible community benefit. They also abide by the philosophy of circular economy and the pillars of sustainable development. Our executive team constantly works on improving UBC student experience through initiatives in the form of engagement activities, fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity, and a combination of technical & non-technical training.


To have a collaborative and innovative team that turns waste into a valuable resource

Our mission is to radically minimize waste on Earth and apply knowledge from all fields to transform that waste into a valuable resource. 


Thinking in Systems

Viewing any problem as a part of inter-linked complex systems, rather than in isolation

Continuous Improvement

Constantly pushing our team, our projects, and ourselves to the limit by learning from every resource at our disposal


Promoting a culture of integrity and self-accountability; where fairness guides our decisions, and where leaders are held accountable by the members

Respect for the Planet & Community

Having a strong desire to make positive change through our technical skills and resources

Seeing Potential, Not Problems

Recognizing the potential of every individual and situation, and fostering a community that works towards exceeding that potential


We'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to reach out! 

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