"Circular Fashion: New Materialism" By Muyang L. and Rynn Z.

Our members took on a broad short assignment topic to study the current fashion model and what the future of fashion should look like. There are many new fibers and technologies being developed to be excited about!

"Bio-economy" By Amy A. and Danielle C.

The bio-economy is an economic system that is primarily bio-based, or uses biological material as the primary resource base. Read about how a bio-economy relates to a circular economy!

"Sustainable Engineering" By Kenny G. and Vishal V.

In this presentation, our members zoom in on the different dimensions to the word "sustainability" with respect to engineering applications. in the 21st century.  

"How to Incorporate a Circular Economy Within the Fashion Industry" By Adrienne C., Kiana K. and Zuhayr K.

Did you know that 95% of clothing ends up in the landfill? This presentation examines the current fast fashion economy and its impacts. They also present solutions to make fashion more sustainable. 

"Blue Economy" By Humleen S. and Pat L.

What is the Blue Economy and how does it relate to sustainability? This presentation also covers topics of biomimicry as well as  assessment tools and certification standards in Infrastructure.