UBC WasteNauts is a solution-driven transdisciplinary design team that encompasses sustainability in engineering design and principles of a circular economy. Our goal is to radically minimize waste and apply knowledge from all fields to transform that waste into a valuable resource. Our projects are driven by the coolest and most cutting-edge innovations that abide by the three pillars of sustainability. We provide hands-on experience with power tools, materials testing, and additive manufacturing. Our team consists of multiple sub-teams working on a wide range of projects at any given time, so chances are we will have something that appeals to everyone. We also provide unparalleled opportunity for professional development, including the chance to pitch your own project ideas and lead your own sub-teams within one term!



We are currently seeking Project Leads and general members!

Starting in July, new Project Leads will actively collaborate with the WasteNauts Executive Team to plan and develop projects for the upcoming fall term. If you have the passion and initiative to lead a project from initiation to closure, please don't hesitate to apply!

If you are interested in joining project(s) beginning this September, apply as a general member and we will notify you as soon as project details are finalized and teams can be formed!

Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis. Successful applicants will be contacted ASAP.

Project Lead

Project Leads leverage their passion, initiative and collaborative skills to lead a sub-team of multi-disciplinary students. Each Project Lead is a leader of a sub-team generally comprising 3-7 team members. Additional responsibilities and qualifications are listed in the application form.

General Member

This is a great opportunity for undergraduate students who would like to learn more about circular economy and sustainability while gaining valuable technical and communication skills. If you have a passion for the principles we stand for and the work we do, come join our team!

What We Do

Have an idea for a project that can transform a waste stream into a valuable resource?

Apply for a Project Lead position for a chance to turn your idea into an impactful project!


Optimize recycling, new materials solutions, etc.


Bio-composites, bio-plastics,
3D-bioprinting, etc.

Additive Manufacturing

CAD designs, sustainable filament research, safe disposal, etc.

Waste to Value Mapping

Finding waste streams within our society (city, University, etc.) and mapping out a comprehensive plan to obtain functional resources out of them

Sustainable Ceramics


Have a brilliant idea? We'd love to hear it.


We'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to reach out!

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